Project: Web clipping
Leader: Matjaž Rekič
Leader on FIS: Janez Povh
Duration: 1.3.2013 – 31.8.2013


  1. Nevtron & company, d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  2. Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenia.

This project is conducted in collaboration with company Nevtron & Company, d.o.o., whose role involves experimental testing of our methods.The purpose is to obtain up to date and accurate information about the company, its products and services (e.g. news, articles, etc.) on predefined Web pages, mobile sites and social networks, so that responsible person/team in the company can evaluate the relevance of the results for organization. We wish to develop appropriate applications that would allow us to obtain useful information about who, where, when and in what form mentioned company’s news, articles, etc., and what was the response from readers. If possible, we would like to gain a strategic recommendation or notice of competitors in the market, organizations eligible for cooperation and whether there was copyright or brand infringement. Therefore, it is important to:

      • ensure an efficient automated acquisition of Web data;
      • establish objective and subjective criteria to define company’s ratings and its products;
      • make effective filtration system for identification and classification (based on key words, phrases and criteria);
      • process the acquired data, evaluate the publicity about the company and its products (positive/negative), evaluate responses/posts/comments and determine the level of importance of publishing;
      • create a comprehensive MySQL database, where the data should be stored and sorted according to location, number of views, time and importance of publishing.