Project: The local food market - LOKeT
Leader: Matej Metrik
Duration: 1.9.2012-1.10.2013


  1. Institute for sustainable development, Ljutomer, Slovenia.
  2. Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenia.

The project "The local food market - LOKeT" establishes an online mobile local market service that enable direct access of local food providers (turist farms, local gardens) to potential customers, consumers and offers an insight into the local supply of food in the local area. In this way, consumers can easily and effectively plan a short trip to the countryside with browsing on local food supply. Service allows costumer and visitors to plan the trip map considering their requirement. In the same time local produces share their products in digital stock, where they can improve their market synergies. The project develop mobile service that enable easy offers of local food producers on one side and effective search of local products for customers trough an effective user interface of mobile device on the other.