Leader: Janez Povh and Matej Mertik
Duration: 1.4.2014 – 1.9.2014


  1. Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenia.
  2. IKU, d.o.o., Novo mesto, Slovenia.

Integration of information systems (IS) to the World Wide Web is today taken for granted. In the last few years completely new IT solutions have appeared, which we could hardly imagine in the past. As a consequence, also the way of life has significantly changed (eg shopping, banking). Now, we are aware of another revolutionary change and that is the concept of “Internet of things”. Devices are coming to the Internet. By connecting devices to the internet we can improve the quality of business management or raise the level of comfort in our private lives. Existing technology in combination with the internet opens up numerous new opportunities for the development of a completely new IT solutions that until now we did not know.

Development in the field of Internet of Things is inevitably linked with an interdisciplinary approach. Developers of new IT solutions must take into account both, the needs and expectations of the users, as well as the functionality and standards of existing and upcoming devices. The challenge is to efficiently connect two very different worlds, people and devices. Existing solutions does not provide expected functionality with the corresponding ease of use.

The aim of our project is therefore to develop prototypes of websites and mobile applications, which will improve the user experience.  Our solution will simplify some frequent tasks such as adding and monitoring devices and the web. We wish to develop user-friendly solutions with rich visualization and simple integration of devices to the internet.

The project is partly funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund. The project is implemented under the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development for the period 2007-2013, Priority axis 1 "Promoting entrepreneurship and adaptability" 1.3. "Scholarship Scheme", within the approved operations "A creative path to practical knowledge."