Project: Co-authorship networks of slovenian scholars: Theoretical analysis and visualization user interface development

Leader: dr. Sandi Klavžar
Leader on FIS: Andrej Kastrin
Duration: 1.7.2011-1.7.2014


  1. Institute of mathematics, physics and mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia (leading partner).
  2. Jozef Stefan Institute, Atrificial Intelligence Laboratory
  3. Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenia.
  4. T-media d.o.o. Progressive Communications, Novo mesto, Slovenia.

The main objective of this project is to merge scientific research data and bibliographic data of individual research subjects from accessible resources into a user-friendly web application. The application would allow exploratory data analysis, data mining and visualization of complex relational data to registered researchers, institutions of national government, non-governmental organizations, and members of the public interested in it. The stated research problem consists of three main parts:

      • the integration of scientific research data and bibliographic data;
      • the development and implementation of methods and algorithms for the analysis and visualization of network data structures and texts, and
      • the analysis and evaluation of a theoretical model for generating random networks, based on the Kronecker product of adjacent matrices.