Project: Graph models and algorithms applied to parameterizing base stations of fourth generation

Leader: dr. Bojan Mohar
Leader on FIS: dr. Janez Povh
Duration: 1.10.2013-1.10.2016


  1. Institute of mathematics, physics and mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia (leading partner).
  2. University of Maribor, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Maribor, Slovenia.
  3. Cosylab, Control System Laboratory, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  4. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  5. Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenia.

The objective of this project is to use mathematical modeling, properties and algorithms to optimize the configuration and design of 4th generation wireless cellular networks. The project has the following goals:

      • develop structural understanding of the problem of maxkcut on specific families of disk intersection graphs that result from 4G wireless network configuration problems, and investigate its implications on 4G wireless network design;
      • design approximation and heuristics algorithms for the maxkcut problem on specific families of graphs and prove their feasibility;
      • integrate the developed algorithms into current stateoftheart 4G wireless network configuration systems and replace existing algorithms not using the mathematical structure of the problem;
      • evaluate the performance of these algorithms on both simulated and practical instances of the problem.