Matej Mertik

Bio: Matej Mertik is researcher at Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto. His primary interests are Intelligent systems, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Web Mining. He is currently a member of the biomedical research and innovative society in Slovenia. Matej Mertik worked on several projects involving Machine Learning and Data mining techniques applied to different domains - medicine, art and education. Matej Mertik completed a Phd in Computer Sciences in 2007. In his thesis Feature space folding by cellular automata model he was researching the model of Cellular Automata for feature space transformation with evolutionary algorithms for improving learning conditions for Machine Learning techniques. Matej Mertik a research fellow under Norwegian grant of the Verdione project, where group of researchers developed new technologies for producing opera art by robust video processing and dependable networking support for a world-wide mixed-reality stage. Many challenges opened with the Verdione including integration of Machine Learning techniques for synchronization between actors at world-wide mixed-reality stage for World Opera. Partners of Simula Research Laboratory, University of Oslo, University of Tromsø, Telenor and Lividi were cooperated in the project.
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